When I was a youngin’ I was very much into cooking.  I wanted to be a chef and know all the delicious recipes that famous chefs around the world had created.  I would watch the Food Network program all the time, trying to understand all the elements and spices that went into their crafted feasts.

My mother noticed this little interest of mine and decided that I should make cooking into a hobby.  Unfortunately, she was no self proclaimed chef so smartly she found someone in Coronado who gave lessons to kids.  I don’t remember the man’s name, however I can picture his apartment perfectly.  He lived on the sixth floor of Cabrillo Tower at the Coronado Shores.  The apartment had a long hallway with shaggy blue carpet and floor to ceiling mirrors.  In the kitchen, the appliances were all white and aqua blue with cupboards made of different colors, like a mosaic.  It was clean (like a kitchen should be) and spacious and I loved being in his kitchen while cheffing it up.

Being in a kitchen can be comforting for many.  Preparing meals for the family or for a friendly dinner party.  If you’re one of these people, imagine how peaceful it would be to prep a meal while overlooking Coronado Island.  Well, if you can’t imagine it, I’ll tell you: it is absolutely breathtaking. You feel like you are in the clouds creating art while reveling in your favorite pastime.