The Shores are very special not only because of their location but also because of their history.  There is nothing like the shores in Coronado simply because of their “gargantuan” height.  Back in the 70s when they were beginning to build these complexes, something special happened.  The town approved 10 buildings to be built on the ocean’s edge, allowing the Shores to be the tallest buildings in all of Coronado.

On the island of Coronado, there are restrictions on how tall you can construct a house or building of any kind.  This rule limits the number of monster houses in the Crown City.  But for the Shores, this was overlooked.  Thankfully it was because the Shores community is a staple of Coronado.  You can pretty much see them from anywhere - the bridge the golf course, the beach.  The Shores are an historical part of the island.  Those who live or once lived there know just how lucky they are to reside on these authentic grounds.