If you Google images of the Coronado Shores, the result will be loads of photos of the beach, Coronado Bridge, the bay and the 10 towers.  The reason for all these seemingly random photos is because they are what you see from the Shores. 

Standing tall, each of the 10 buildings faces a different direction.  Imagine a huge piece of land where someone randomly placed 10 different buildings.  The first tower’s entrance faces directly west, while the next building is placed at an angle, facing north-east and the third block faces south-west, favoring the west.  And they continue on in directional randomness.  Each of these angles has something to offer, not one of them is unfortunate.

To the west, you have… well, the ocean.  Beautiful sunsets mixed with the sun sparkling on the ocean,.  The white sandy beach is directly below you and on a clear day you can see the Coronado Islands in the Distance.

To the east, you have the mountains, the bay and the bridge.  The Coronado bridge is an icon and the blue multi-colored sides add a beautiful touch to the eastern view.  The rising sun in the east brings morning light and provides a natural alarm clock. 

And to the north and south, you have views of Coronado/San Diego and Mexico.  Facing one of these directions means you also have the eastern and western landscapes to brighten your day and to bring a smile to your face.  

So, my suggestion? Google it.  I guarantee you’ll like what you see.