A good friend of mine, who grew up in both Coronado and LA, recently showed me a video of her as a baby.  When she was living in Coronado, her family resided in the Shores - La Princesa Tower.  They enjoyed their beloved home at the Shores and appreciated it for all it was worth.

The video was like an 80s flashback.  My friend’s dad was filming with his 80s video camera, the date and time in big white letters and numbers in the bottom corner.  As he stood on the Coronado beach walkway in front of the Shores, he panned over the water and the crowd that lined the beach.  You can hear him narrating, telling us where they were at that very moment.  He describes how the weather is beautiful and what a wonderful day it is in Coronado.

Zooming away from the beach, he focuses in on my friend who was wearing a white onesie getup - no doubt Osh Kosh B’gosh. And then you see this tiny child with curly hair take her first steps.  The excitement that rings through their voices was definitely that of proud parents.  

Not only are they proud that their daughter has learned to walk but you get the sense they are proud that those first steps took place in sunny, gorgeous Coronado.