I recently spoke with a friend who grew up living in the Shores.  She could not say enough good things about residing in the large towers that sit on the edge of Coronado beach.  I believe she used the word “paradise” to describe her childhood experience of living in the Shores.  Over and over again, she used this magical word and still has fond memories of her time there.  

Now that my friend is an adult, she no longer lives on the island (and neither do her parents).  She said that she misses it every day, especially the sound of the ocean:  “My parents owned an apartment in La Princesa Tower - our place faced the ocean.  The countless beautiful sunsets that we saw on a daily basis was something that I will always cherish.  Dinners on our patio overlooking the ocean - it was all so serene.  And it absolutely felt like paradise.”

“My favorite part of living in the Shores was by far the peaceful sound of the tides washing in and out.  It was soothing and always made me fall to sleep feeling cozy and like I was in paradise.  Yes, it was paradise! And I wouldn’t give it up for anything.  I miss it dearly."