Growing up in a house versus an apartment complex can be vastly different.  One isn’t better than the other, they’re just different.  Living in a house means not having to worry about how much noise you’re making while stomping around.  And houses typically have yards which provides space to run around on your own property.  But when entering your home, there is no one greeting you at the door (unless you have a butler or enthusiastic children) and if your key is lost then you’re SOL (unless you have one hidden away).  

But when living at the Coronado Shores complex, there is always someone greeting you as you walk through the building - one of many neighbors and/or doormen.  The doormen are there to assist you, such as opening the door when your hands are full or if you need something fixed in your apartment.  They are also there to protect you, requiring that all visitors be announced.  Living at the Shores means you may not have a backyard just beyond your balcony doors, but you do have something that’s even better: the beach.