I have a friend who used to babysit for this family that lived in the Shores.  One time, I was invited to go along since it was at night and the kids would be going to bed shortly after our arrival.  This meant that while they were sleeping, we got to hang, watch TV, chat and discuss about how some both would live in an apartment complex.  

The family lived on the 8th floor, which seemed to us, so high up!  We both had grown up and still lived in one story houses so being in a high-rise apartment complex - the ONLY high-rise complex anywhere in town - was awesome.  While 9 stories high (the first floor really starts at about the 2nd story), the apartment had two separate views.  One side included the Hotel Del and the tiny, ant-like people walking around and the other we could watch the Navy airplanes flying over the ocean.

Since we both come from Navy families, watching these planes gave us a thrill.  While we both wanted to live in a complex one day, we were unsure how we felt about joining the military ourselves.  We respected it but pretty sure didn’t want to be in it.  Either way, we watched, mesmerized as these planes practiced their touch and go’s.  Such a bada** thing to be able to fly a plane.  Military or not, watching an aircraft of any sort is fascinating and from the Coronado Shores, you get a front row seat!