Situated next to The Shores is the world famous Hotel del Coronado.  The hotel is famous for a number of reasons but perhaps most well known for its appearance – a massive, wooden, Victorian style estate with a red roof and classic windows with white siding.  But there are other important attractions, too.


The Hotel Del is the second largest wooden structure in the US and was named a National Historic Landmark in 1977. The hotel is believed to have a ghost (if not multiple).  You would think this deters people from visiting but actually quite the opposite.  And of course, how could we forget the most important attraction: the Del sits directly on the beach.  In Southern California. You know what that means…sun, sun, sun!


While certain amenities at the Hotel Del are restricted to guests only, you can (and should!) definitely still reap the benefits.  For example, the Del holds one of the best spots for watching the sunset.  This isn’t just because the hotel is right on the beach (because if you live at the Shores, you’re right on the beach, too). It’s because the Del has a deck that comes with comfy couches, fire pits, snacks and a bar.  Combine all those things and that’s a happy hour made in heaven.


Non-guests are strictly not allowed to relax poolside, but it doesn’t really matter because there is something much bigger and better, just meters away.  That would be the Pacific Ocean.  Just at the edge of the beach, right where the beautiful hotel begins, you will find a few rental shacks.  Hit up one of these beachside rentals for surfboards, boogie boards, flippers, beach toys (for the youngins’) and much more. And I’m fairly certain they have bike rentals as well.