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Feb. 25, 2014

First Steps

A good friend of mine, who grew up in both Coronado and LA, recently showed me a video of her as a baby.  When she was living in Coronado, her family resided in the Shores - La Princesa Tower.  They enjoyed their beloved home at the Shores and appreciated it for all it was worth.

The video was like an 80s flashback.  My friend’s dad was filming with his 80s video camera, the date and time in big white letters and numbers in the bottom corner.  As he stood on the Coronado beach walkway in front of the Shores, he panned over the water and the crowd that lined the beach.  You can hear him narrating, telling us where they were at that very moment.  He describes how the weather is beautiful and what a wonderful day it is in Coronado.

Zooming away from the beach, he focuses in on my friend who was wearing a white onesie getup - no doubt Osh Kosh B’gosh. And then you see this tiny child with curly hair take her first steps.  The excitement that rings through their voices was definitely that of proud parents.  

Not only are they proud that their daughter has learned to walk but you get the sense they are proud that those first steps took place in sunny, gorgeous Coronado. 


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Feb. 20, 2014

The Sunrise Hour

I woke up this morning when it was still pitch black out.  I had to catch an early flight heading east, toward the cold and snow.  I rarely see Coronado during these hours and while I rode in the car to the airport I silently acknowledged to myself how glad I was to live so close to the airport.  Such a nice convenience to living in Coronado - my departing flight was only a 15 minute drive away.

When I go to the airport, the sun was still waiting to make an appearance. Chilly morning air and the travel butterflies - an interesting blend when semi-groggy from a short night’s sleep. The terminals were gearing up for the day which brought the usual mix of travelers.  All whom are chipper and kind, surprising considering the time of morning.  

Once my bag was stowed and I was comfortable in my window seat, I plugged in my headphones and watched as the sun began to rise.  Through the tiny airplane window I had the perfect view of Coronado.  Across the bay from the airport, the town was coming to life.  The new sun was reflecting off the windows at the Shores, creating a spectacular and somewhat blinding scene.  A thousand rays of sunshine reflected off the floor to ceiling windows.  I imagined living there and how enjoyable it would be to have a cup o' joe and gaze at the morning sun.  The Shores in Coronado is without a doubt the best place to be when the sun peaks over the San Diego mountains.


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Feb. 18, 2014

Coronado Catch

One of the fabulous things about living in Coronado is that you can hunt for a fresh meal in the ocean or the bay. I’m not sure if fishing is for everyone but I’m pretty sure there are lots of people out there that appreciate a good catch.  This sport has always been a verrry leisurely sport to me and I always assumed that fishing is something that mellow people like to partake in.  Please, correct me if I’m wrong, I really have no idea because the one time I attempted to fish I became so ill from seasickness that I spent the majority of the time down below, green with color and trying to sleep.  


Despite missing out, it was exciting to see everyone's catches for the day.  Ya know, the typical pictures where each person holds up their biggest fish like a trophy, concentrating very hard on not letting the fish slip through their hands.  Yes, that was definitely entertaining!

While I enjoyed observing, I also had an inner struggle with feeling sorry for the wriggling fish.  I would certainly not enjoy being taken against my will and least of all by a hook in my lip.  But then I have to remind myself that fish do not have a central nervous systems so while they are gasping for air (...or wait, water?) the fish actually don’t feel pain. Okay fine, let’s eat him!


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Feb. 13, 2014

To The Left Is The Right Path

Running along the beach is definitely a good way to exercise. Looking out over the ocean, focusing on the horizon can bring peace and also drive to a workout.  But unless you’re running on the sand, this may be a little challenging to do.  The main street that runs parallel to the beach is Ocean Blvd. and along here are many stacked rocks that at a certain point will obstruct your view of the ocean.  So why not pick another path.

When starting at the corner of the Hotel Del and the beach, I believe it’s natural to start running north along Ocean Blvd.  Instead of doing that, I suggest you run south on the path that leads you along the oceanfront part of the Del.  This wide path allows plenty of room for bikers, runners, and walkers (it’s wider than the sidewalk along the beach).  As you approach the end of the Del, don’t panic.  Only the Del path has ended; just across the road (Avenida Del Sol) you will find another trail (no biking allowed this time) that curves alongside the Shores.  

This walkway doesn’t last for long too long but the nice about it is that hardly anyone is there.  It’s a less traveled road (as most tourists walk by the Del), giving you much needed peace for your hard workout.



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Feb. 12, 2014

Through Avenida Del Sol

If you’re looking at the ocean, to the right of the Shores and to the left of the Hotel Del is a little side street.  As you are headed down The Strand, just beyond the Hotel Del you will find Avenida Del Sol.  It’s a semi-long road that leads towards to the ocean.  The street has limited parking so it’s probably best to walk there, unless you get an early start.

Once you make it to the sand you will see a large collection of rocks that appears to be separating two beaches.  Although it looks this way, it’s not dividing different beaches.  On the days that I have been to this area of the Coronado beach, it was because I was with my little niece.  She’s now 2.5 years old and doesn’t live here but she loved coming to this spot to play around and dig.

I always see lots of kids hopping around on the rock collection, digging for sand crabs and hoping to find starfish.  Because this area has mellow waters, it’s comforting to park your kids in the sand and let them play (or eat sand!) for hours. There are toilets nearby and a long walkway that runs from the far end of the Del all the way to the end of the Shores. 


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Feb. 10, 2014

Surfing The Shores

This past weekend I visited the part of Coronado’s beach that sits below the Shores.  This was my first time “hanging out” at this location since my usual spot is near the center, close to the main Lifeguard tower.  While I was at the Shores beach, I realized that this is the place where the surfers go (visitors and locals).

I suppose surfers choose this location because it’s easily accessible.  Parking is nearby, toilets are close and the beach is short which means they don’t have to walk for ages before getting to the ocean.  Also, I got the impression that the waves at the Shores are slightly bigger than that of the main beach.  Which makes sense since towns that are more north and south of Coronado (ie: Del Mar, Imperial Beach), receive larger swells.  

As I stood on the beach I observed the many surfers out in the water.  Most of them had wetsuits and almost all of them exited the beach by saying “see ya later, bro” or “killer surfing man.”  Ya know, typical SoCal lingo.  Some of them headed to their cars solo and others greeted their families.  The cutest part about all that was seeing the families of all the surfers dudes (dudes = men and women).  Their significant others waited with the kids pointing out their mom or dad crushing a wave or walking up the beach with board in hand. And then it got me thinking how convenient it would that be to live and surf at the Shores. Lucky dogs.   


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Feb. 6, 2014

The Yacht Club

The Coronado Yacht club is exclusive.  It may sound a little lame by describing it as exclusive but aren’t most yacht clubs that way? In Coronado, you don’t need to own a boat in order to be a member of the club.  All you need to do is pass the interview process and pay up, of course.  I’m sure the fees are a little more than joining a club but I say that the Coronado Yacht Club isn’t your average clubhouse because, well, it isn’t.   

Once every month the club holds trivia night where many come out to play.  This night brings competitive members - some more ruthless than others.  I’m not sure what the prizes are as I’ve only attended one trivia night and was not part of the winning group.  I assume the most important prize is pride in saying you’ve won.  

The clubhouse also has a playground and a grassy area where I’ve seen many people participating in games such as bocce ball and cornhole (aka bag-o).  If you’ve never played these games before I think you should.  You don’t necessarily need to be at the yacht club in order to play.  

And how can I forget the main point of being a member at the club?  Owning your own vessel and having the San Diego Bay to cast your sails on is amazing.  Gliding along the golf course and under the bridge to then pass along downtown San Diego.  And if you have a whole day ahead of you, why not take the boat all the way to the ocean.  

If you’re not a member of the Coronado Yacht Club then I suggest you make some new friends….and fast! 



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Feb. 4, 2014

House vs Apartment

Growing up in a house versus an apartment complex can be vastly different.  One isn’t better than the other, they’re just different.  Living in a house means not having to worry about how much noise you’re making while stomping around.  And houses typically have yards which provides space to run around on your own property.  But when entering your home, there is no one greeting you at the door (unless you have a butler or enthusiastic children) and if your key is lost then you’re SOL (unless you have one hidden away).  

But when living at the Coronado Shores complex, there is always someone greeting you as you walk through the building - one of many neighbors and/or doormen.  The doormen are there to assist you, such as opening the door when your hands are full or if you need something fixed in your apartment.  They are also there to protect you, requiring that all visitors be announced.  Living at the Shores means you may not have a backyard just beyond your balcony doors, but you do have something that’s even better: the beach.  



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Jan. 31, 2014

Coronado Aquatics

If you choose to live at the Shores then you have chosen wisely.  Not only are you half a step away from the beach but also several pools.  Yes, that’s right, several. There are three separate pools that sit on the Shores campus including a community center literally right across the street.  

Having a place for your little ones to swim is definitely a plus, but this only goes so far if your kids already know how to swim.  You can either teach them how to tread water and the breast stroke yourself or you can take them across the road to the Coronado Community Center.  

Here at the Community Center, your kidlets can take lessons in the backstroke (monkey, airplane, soldier) and help them feel confident in swimming themselves.  So throw away those floaties, listen to your parental instincts and throw them into swimming classes.  Check out classes and schedules on the Community Center website.



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Jan. 30, 2014


When I was a kid, my family had a dog that absolutely loved to run wild.  The minute she had her chance to escape, so took it. Trying to catch her was near impossible - she ran with the speed of the wind, ears pulled back, eyes wide, her nose exploding with new and familiar smells. She hated other dogs but was extremely loyal to my family.  Two of my favorite things about her? She had a so-ugly-it’s-adorable smushed face with an under bite and she proudly owned the name Gimlet.   


Well, one day my brilliant sister (always was, always will be) decided to use Gimlet’s speed to our advantage.  Clipping on her leash, we lead Gimlet out to the front sidewalk where my sister’s skateboard had been waiting for us.  As I was instructed to sit on the board Indian style, I had a brief sense of panic wondering how this was gonna go down.  But as all good little sisters do, I followed orders.  Holding onto the leash with one hand while steering with the other, Gimlet flew down the sidewalk, and so did I.


As much as I loved taking my dog for runs while I went along for the ride, in some ways I swear this is why I never learned how to skateboard.  Why do it myself when I’ll get there faster with Gimlet? Or maybe if there had been a skate park in Coronado…

And now there is.  Located at Tidelands park, right by the foot of the bridge you will find the skate park.  It’s open 7 days a week - weekdays 1pm - dusk, weekends 10am - dusk. For those of you out there who are real skaters.  Certainly not me…



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