When I think of ping pong, I always imagine Tom Hanks.  You know, in Forrest Gump where he goes to Vietnam, gets shot in his bum and randomly picks up the game of ping pong. He works vigorously with his ball and paddle, and soon becomes a professional, traveling to China to compete against the best.   

For the rest of us, ping pong is a non-serious sport.  We are not masters but also don’t need to be in order to play.  We choose to indulge in the game because it’s [relatively] easy and can be played by people of all ages.  Which is why having a ping pong table is really fun.  It’s an interactive game, unlike video games (or something) and can be played against one or two people.

At the Shores, they have a little “community center” near the pool where you can play ping pong.  Whether you have kids who constantly want to be active and play something or are entertaining a group of adults, the table provides you with constant entertainment.  All you need is one opponent and if you’re anything like me, all you need is to win!