You slowly turn over in bed.  Before you open your eyes, you can tell that the room is filled with light – natural light from the sun peeking over the San Diego mountains. As your eyelids pop open, you stretch your body – from your fingers down to your toes, letting out a morning groan.  But not the kind of groan that comes from deep within as you are reaching over to shut off the 6am alarm clock.  No.  This is the kind of groan that speaks pure satisfaction from a good nights sleep followed by a natural wake-up.

Sitting up in bed, you place your feet on the floor.  The ninth floor of the La Princesa Tower, to be exact.  The floor beneath your feet is now in your new home at the Coronado Shores.  Meanwhile, a smile rolls across your face as you look out the window and see the magnificent blue of the Pacific Ocean.  Just then, a breeze passes through the window that you left open during the night.  It’s warm enough in San Diego to do that.  And as the soft breeze hits your face, with it comes the sweet and salty smell of the ocean below.

And while you sit on your eighth floor balcony wrapped in your morning robe, coffee in hand, you watch the sun rise and breathe in the ocean air and welcome the warmth you feel on your face.  The waves crash lightly on the shore, giving a constant reminder that you are, in fact, living on the beach.  The town is beginning to rise along with you, and you get to watch it all from the comfort of your new home in La Princesa Tower.