This past weekend I visited the part of Coronado’s beach that sits below the Shores.  This was my first time “hanging out” at this location since my usual spot is near the center, close to the main Lifeguard tower.  While I was at the Shores beach, I realized that this is the place where the surfers go (visitors and locals).

I suppose surfers choose this location because it’s easily accessible.  Parking is nearby, toilets are close and the beach is short which means they don’t have to walk for ages before getting to the ocean.  Also, I got the impression that the waves at the Shores are slightly bigger than that of the main beach.  Which makes sense since towns that are more north and south of Coronado (ie: Del Mar, Imperial Beach), receive larger swells.  

As I stood on the beach I observed the many surfers out in the water.  Most of them had wetsuits and almost all of them exited the beach by saying “see ya later, bro” or “killer surfing man.”  Ya know, typical SoCal lingo.  Some of them headed to their cars solo and others greeted their families.  The cutest part about all that was seeing the families of all the surfers dudes (dudes = men and women).  Their significant others waited with the kids pointing out their mom or dad crushing a wave or walking up the beach with board in hand. And then it got me thinking how convenient it would that be to live and surf at the Shores. Lucky dogs.