If you’re looking at the ocean, to the right of the Shores and to the left of the Hotel Del is a little side street.  As you are headed down The Strand, just beyond the Hotel Del you will find Avenida Del Sol.  It’s a semi-long road that leads towards to the ocean.  The street has limited parking so it’s probably best to walk there, unless you get an early start.

Once you make it to the sand you will see a large collection of rocks that appears to be separating two beaches.  Although it looks this way, it’s not dividing different beaches.  On the days that I have been to this area of the Coronado beach, it was because I was with my little niece.  She’s now 2.5 years old and doesn’t live here but she loved coming to this spot to play around and dig.

I always see lots of kids hopping around on the rock collection, digging for sand crabs and hoping to find starfish.  Because this area has mellow waters, it’s comforting to park your kids in the sand and let them play (or eat sand!) for hours. There are toilets nearby and a long walkway that runs from the far end of the Del all the way to the end of the Shores.