Coronado has transformed tremendously over the last century.  Before The Shores existed, that part of town was known as Tent City.  When the Hotel del Coronado was built in the 1880s, travelers would come from all over the world, ready to experience a paradise vacation at the luxurious hotel.


Where the 10 towers that make up The Coronado Shores now stand, was once home to hundreds of tents. A long, narrow road divided the lined tents of Tent City and along this path were train tracks, carrying passengers from San Diego to the Crown City. Long before the bridge created a shortcut from Coronado to San Diego and even before the ferry was in service, the 19th century locomotive brought visitors to the small island. Running along the Silver Strand, up through Tent City, is where the old school train cars unloaded passengers. Or so we thought.    


Not until last week did we know that other railroad tracks existed outside of Tent City.  Along Pomona Avenue, down the road from The Shores and adjacent to the park, the city is constructing a roundabout in hopes of defusing fast and heavy traffic (during rush hours).  When workers began digging for Coronado’s only traffic circle, they unearthed railroad tracks dating back to 1888.  These tracks gave proof to local residents that trains ran through parts of Coronado that we were unaware of.  


Unfortunately the tracks will not be preserved as this is one of Coronado’s busiest intersections.  However disappointing it may be to remove a piece of the past, it is equally exciting to have unearth another piece of the Coronado’s history.