It’s a scorching summer day and you are looking for relief.  Ice cold water and lemonade help cure all this – but only for a minute.  As you stick your head in the freezer for some instant relief, you realize that the only thing that can possibly help is ice cream. 

The problem is you don’t feel like walking up town and waiting in line to satisfy your desires.  You need a quick fix but the ice cream shop seems like miles away, despite its close proximity.  You let out a huge sigh, close the freezer door and mope back into the living room. Just before you reach the chair, a light goes on in your head.

A smile spreads across your face - you’ve just remembered that across the street from your home at The Shores lies a secret.  Maybe it’s not such a huge secret anymore but the Hotel del Coronado has a MooTime Creamery in it.  The hotel contains many shops and restaurants and among them is the famous Coronado ice cream parlor.  Throwing on your flip flops and shorts you can’t seem to get out of the apartment fast enough. But less that 100 yards away, relief awaits you.