When I was little kid I loved collecting things.  I would walk around the park picking up pinecones, trying to fit as many as I could into my tiny hands.  When I see kids doing that today, it always reminds me of Gus Gus. You know, from Cinderella? His objective was to gather as many corn kernels as possible.  Each time he reached his capacity, having stacked them between arms and chin, he would always try for one more.  The problem was that when he attempted to pick up just one more, multiple kernels would fall from his small claws.  Although Gus Gus made his best efforts time after time, he did not catch on to the problem.


Much like Gus Gus, I would run into the same issue when I was a child.  Despite my best attempts, I was unable to gather as many items as I wanted.  I was young and didn’t understand that I had a maximum capacity.  That is until I discovered my pockets (and/or a sucker to hold them for me).


While pinecones were my favorite to collect, I also thoroughly enjoyed searching for seashells.  Since I grew up in Coronado, this was an easy task.  Well, maybe not easy but easier because of the close proximity to the beach.  The best time for shell hunting is during low tide – you have a lot more beach to work with.  And I must be honest, while I say I loved this task when I was young, I still enjoy it to this very day.