Staring out the windows of The Shores apartment buildings, down below is the beach filled with people.  For the most part, the beach is packed with civilians enjoying their time in the sand and in the sun.  But that's not how it is for the Navy Seals who's training camp sits just beyond The Shores, right on the beach. There are obstacle courses and a bare beach - lots of room for rolling and running around in the sand.  As many of the Seals in training emerge from the water and up to the dry sand, it's hard not to imagine the thousands of soldiers who risked their lives and made their way up Normandy Beach 70 years ago. 

The 6th of June is a day to remember.  Allying with Britain and Canada, the United States soldiers risked their lives to help end a greusome and unforgettable war.  While Germany occupied most of western Europe during WWII, they set up base camps all along the coast - of what is now France - preparing for an invasion.

In 1944, on the eve of the 6th of June, 24,000 troops landed on the 50-mile stretch of Normandy Beach.  Prepared for a battle in hopes of bringing down the cruelly reigning Nazis, thousands of soldiers marched off their boats.  Although this invasion helped bring an end to the war, it was at the expense of thousands of lives.

To all those who gave their life, who fought and who were victim to the war - we will never forget you.  Thank you for your bravery.  And to the American soldiers who bravely put the fight for freedom before their own life.  We are proud.