When I lived in New York City, I was living in old apartment complexes that required a key to get into the building.  I wasn’t making enough money to live in a building with a doorman although I always wanted to.  I loved how you could walk through the front door, and past the lobby with your hands full, not needing to fish around in my purse for the building key.  

Even though I didn’t live in a luxury building, I had friends who did.  While I wasn’t a tenant of their complex, the doormen always knew me.  Greeted with a smile, an open door and a quick ‘hi, how are you today?’  They knew my name and who I was there to visit.  Like I said, this was in NYC but it’s very similar to the Coronado Shores.

As you walk up to the massive buildings at the Shores, you walk past flowing ponds on either side of the walkway and in through a door held wide open for you.  The doormen at the Shores definitely know your name and while their lips turn up into a friendly smile, they hand you your mail and deliveries from the day.  If you need maintenance they’re there for you.  If you need reservations at a restaurant, they’ll call for you.  If you accidentally locked yourself out of your apartment, they’ll hand over a spare key.  It is for reasons like these that I believe the Shores is one of the best places to live in the Crown City.