Not until I got into my older age did I enjoy house hunting.  Not to confuse the matter and say that I was actually searching for a house.  On the contrary.  When I say house hunting, I mean strolling through neighborhoods checking out different home design collecting info in my mind of what I would like to have in the future.  A place that is decent sized, has a good yard and a good paint color is important to me.  Of course some of the things I like now can and will change but there are certain requirements that won’t. 


For example, one thing that I decided is an absolute must for my future home is lots of windows.  This aspect is nonnegotiable.  I’ve always been the type of person who needs to wake up in a room with lots of natural light.  Getting out of bed is much easier when you’ve woken up [naturally], without an alarm.  If the room has blackout curtains, it is guaranteed I won’t move from the bed until I’ve tossed and turned for hours. 


This is why living at The Shores is an absolute dream.  Every single apartment has floor to ceiling windows.  There is hardly a lack of sunlight making its way into your home, filling it with warmth and happiness.  Making morning breakfast, looking out the huge kitchen windows, watching the sun climb higher in the sky seems perfect.


There are many reasons why the 10 towers have such a phenomenal amount of windows – the views of the ocean and San Diego are definitely one of those reasons.  But in my opinion, allowing the sun to seep into your home is definitely at the top of the list.