One of the best ways of knowing how fabulous it is to live at The Shores is by asking someone.  I certainly can’t answer my own questions – I didn’t grow up in the Shores community. I have stories and memories from running around the lot but I never truly got to experience the luxury of residing in the amazing towers.  But I do however have a good friend who got to live and breath the Coronado Shores lifestyle.


Ablogmonger: How old were you when you moved to The Shores?


MM: My dad bought our apartment [at The Shores] before they were even built in the 70s.  He bid on them when they were first being developed.  We went there for summers and weekends ever since I was born and permanently moved to the shores when I was 13.


Ablogmonger: Where were you living before you moved to Coronado and why did your parents decide to move when you were a teenager?


MM: The apartment was bought by my dad as a vacation home before he was even married.  He had been visiting Coronado for vacation while living in LA and wanted to spend as much time in Coronado as possible.  They loved it so much that 20 years later we moved there!


Ablogmonger: What was it like growing up at The Shores?  From age 13 on…


MM: It was the best.  I only have the best memories from there.  It was like living in paradise.  I still dream about it today.


Ablogmonger: Which direction did your apartment face?


MM: We faced the ocean.


Ablogmonger: What are your most fond memories?


MM: My most fond memories are going to the beach and pool with my dad.  We would spend our weekends at the pool at The Shores and at the beach right there.  We also tried to play tennis a lot but I was very bad at it! But it was so great to have all of that right there.  I also have great memories of hanging out with friends in high school there. There were so many fun activities we could do there – go to the gym, the pool, play ping-pong in the clubhouse.  It was the absolute best place to grow up.


Ablogmonger: This might be a silly question, but did you appreciate living so close to the beach?


MM: Clearly.


Ablogmonger: Haha, clearly that was a silly question! Why is it so special?


MM:  Honestly, out of all the things I’ve previously mentioned, falling asleep and listening to the ocean every night has to be the most special thing about living at The Shores.  The beach was literally right there at my doorstep.  And I’ve never slept better as I did then – listening to the waves as I fell asleep. 


Ablogmonger: Sounds amazing. How does The Shores compare to other places you’ve lived?


MM: I would trade everywhere I have lived to live at THE Shores again.  It’s actually one of my goals to be able to make enough money in life that I can do what my parents did and later buy a second home there again.  I would love there in a second if I could.  Every time I go back to Coronado I drive through the Shores – just because I have the fondest memories of the time I spent there growing up.