Just on the edge of the Shores beach, marking an invisible line where the Hotel Del begins and the Shores end, is a jetty. Before writing this blog, I had to look up the exact definition of the word jetty, just to be sure I was correct: a pier or structure of stones, piles, or the like, projecting into the sea or other body of water (ref, www.dictionary.com).  These particular jetty stones resemble that of the rocks stacked along the entrance to the beach.

The Coronado jetty consists of hundreds of huge stones.  Some of these oddly shaped rocks have smooth edges - due to erosion - and others have coarse, porous-like surfaces that are more ideal for climbing.  It may not be the safest place to play around, for if you fall it will surely be painful - but for those who are light-footed or enjoy a risk, the jetty is a fun obstacle course.  

Aside from an adventurous “risk-taking” climb, the jetty on Nado not only brings protection to the beach (helping deflect the current, etc) but also provides an educational and hands on “experience” for kids.  Curled up beneath and around all the rocks are many different types of marine life: sea anemones, crabs, fish and algae. These creatures provide an outdoor classroom and hands on experience for children, allowing their sponge-like minds to expand.  

Small tip for parents who are willing: bring along an empty jar so that your kids can take home and perform their own science experiment.  And if you’re not into dissecting, then encourage your young ones to keep the creature(s) alive and shortly thereafter release them back into the ocean.