Running along the beach is definitely a good way to exercise. Looking out over the ocean, focusing on the horizon can bring peace and also drive to a workout.  But unless you’re running on the sand, this may be a little challenging to do.  The main street that runs parallel to the beach is Ocean Blvd. and along here are many stacked rocks that at a certain point will obstruct your view of the ocean.  So why not pick another path.

When starting at the corner of the Hotel Del and the beach, I believe it’s natural to start running north along Ocean Blvd.  Instead of doing that, I suggest you run south on the path that leads you along the oceanfront part of the Del.  This wide path allows plenty of room for bikers, runners, and walkers (it’s wider than the sidewalk along the beach).  As you approach the end of the Del, don’t panic.  Only the Del path has ended; just across the road (Avenida Del Sol) you will find another trail (no biking allowed this time) that curves alongside the Shores.  

This walkway doesn’t last for long too long but the nice about it is that hardly anyone is there.  It’s a less traveled road (as most tourists walk by the Del), giving you much needed peace for your hard workout.