People watching is a wonderful thing.  Observing the way that humans behave can be very entertaining – they way one walks, talks, eats, converses, etc.  But it’s even more entertaining when the people you’re observing happen to be attractive.  Down at Coronado Beach, you will find loads of attractive human beings.

Some of those “good looking” people include military folk of all kinds.  For example, we have Navy Seals constantly roaming the beach.  If they aren’t undergoing the grueling task of Hell Week then they are preparing themselves by going for long runs throughout the dunes.  While the joggers mainly consist of working Seals, you will find other military men and women running along the soft, white sandy beaches.  

Coronado Beach also has its slew of fancy surfers. Washboard abs and a tanned face from the blaring sun mixed with sweet, slick moves on a board in glistening water. It’s very hard to deny that most surfers are good looking.  The majority of these surfers (of both sexes) generally ride the waves that align with The Shores. 

In addition to surfers and those who defend our country with honor, the beach has numerous people who spend the day laying and playing in the sand. For the most part, these people are attractive! And I can guarantee that most of these beach-goers are also observing the daily attractive life that unfolds on Coronado Beach.