‘Hide and Seek’ is not a game meant for kids only. It is a game that can be

played at all ages. As you get older, it makes sense to play on a more

challenging course - the playing field widens and hiding spots become more

tricky. It’s best to play with a home base, that way everyone MUST come out of

their hiding spot. Only makes it fair. Don’t you agree?


The reason I’m talking about ‘Hide and Seek’ is because of the memories I have

of playing at The Coronado Shores. And I mean playing as an adult. The reason

it’s so fun to play Hide and Seek at the Shores is because of the natural

boundary lines. The Shores is a "gated" community (of sorts) that has several

grassy areas with trees – perfect for climbing and hiding or plants for ducking



While the Shores has natural boundaries, it might be a good idea to narrow those

boundaries a little if you decide to play ‘Hide and Seek’. Keep in mind the

Shores consists of 10 giant apartment buildings. The complexes are spread out

over an approximate quarter of a mile, making for good space between each



If ‘Hide and Seek’ isn’t the right game for you, then perhaps Red Rover or Freeze

Tag will do it. After all, there’s more to work with than just the grassy areas –

you’ve got the entire beach, too.