Suppose you live in one of the many homes that make up the Coronado Shores and suppose your house overlooks the ocean.  Well, then you are a lucky person.  One of the greatest things about the Shores is how pretty much all the apartments have floor to ceiling windows.  With this great luxury, looking out over the ocean is like being in a special aircraft since you are sitting along the shoreline.  But instead, you’re home comfy on your couch in the warmth of a cozy home.

Today the skies may be grey and cloudy but down below, on the Coronado beach, the Pacific Ocean is stirring up some mighty waves.  The ocean is relatively mellow in Coronado (just ask the surfers) but today we are getting to witness something special - swells are reaching up to ten feet!  For any Coronado resident, we know that this is a rarity and we can’t help but look a tourist ourselves.  

If you one of those lucky people who live in the Coronado Shores then you get a front row seat not only to the unusually tall, crashing waves but also to a sunset where its bright colors will reflect off the clouds, creating an unforgettable image.