I woke up this morning when it was still pitch black out.  I had to catch an early flight heading east, toward the cold and snow.  I rarely see Coronado during these hours and while I rode in the car to the airport I silently acknowledged to myself how glad I was to live so close to the airport.  Such a nice convenience to living in Coronado - my departing flight was only a 15 minute drive away.

When I go to the airport, the sun was still waiting to make an appearance. Chilly morning air and the travel butterflies - an interesting blend when semi-groggy from a short night’s sleep. The terminals were gearing up for the day which brought the usual mix of travelers.  All whom are chipper and kind, surprising considering the time of morning.  

Once my bag was stowed and I was comfortable in my window seat, I plugged in my headphones and watched as the sun began to rise.  Through the tiny airplane window I had the perfect view of Coronado.  Across the bay from the airport, the town was coming to life.  The new sun was reflecting off the windows at the Shores, creating a spectacular and somewhat blinding scene.  A thousand rays of sunshine reflected off the floor to ceiling windows.  I imagined living there and how enjoyable it would be to have a cup o' joe and gaze at the morning sun.  The Shores in Coronado is without a doubt the best place to be when the sun peaks over the San Diego mountains.